Connect your Google Analytics Account

  1. Select the "Data Sources" option from the main menu

  2. Click the "Add Data Source" button

  3. Select "Google Analytics" as the data source

  4. Login to your Google account that has access to the Google Analytics details you wish to connect

  5. Grant One Metric permission to view your Google Analytics data

  6. Once you are re-directed back to One Metric, select the required Google Analytics account, property and view

  7. Click "Save"

  8. Done!

Once you complete these steps One Metric will sync your analytics data from Google Analytics, and you can setup metrics to display these values.

💡Once you have selected the view this cannot be changed to choose carefully! If you make a mistake you can delete the data source and repeat the steps above to select the required view.

Next Step: Import values from Google Analytics

Multiple Accounts & Views

If you have multiple Google Accounts you can set up multiple Google Analytics data sources - one for each account. 

However, currently it is only possible to select one view per connected Google Account.

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