Add a status or star-rating metric

As well as metrics to track numerical or financial values, you can also add metrics that track status or star-ratings.

  1. Click the "Add Metric" button

  2. Enter the name for the new metric - a good name is short and succinct

  3. Under "Format" choose either "Status" or "Rating".

  4. Adjust any other settings as required

  5. Click the "Create Metric" button

  6. Done!

A "Status" metric lets you select from traffic-light values - Green, Amber or Red:

A "Rating" metric lets you select a rating out of 5-stars:

Advanced Formulas

A "Status" or "Rating" metric can be referenced in formulas for other metrics, and can also itself be calculated from other values. 

The underlying value will be converted to a "Status" or "Rating" based on these rules:


  • Green: value is positive

  • Amber: value is zero

  • Red: value is negative


  • 0-stars: value is zero

  • 1 - 5 stars: value is 1 - 5

  • Any other value is not valid

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