Getting started

Our goal is to be the fastest way for you to discover and share the metrics that matter to your business.

Here are some tips to help you get started quickly...

Introducing your Reports and Metrics Library

Your first Report in One Metric is already set up for you. We’ve called it ‘Dashboard’, but you can change that to anything you like. 

Any Metrics added to a Report will also appear in your Metrics Library. This is where all of your metrics live. You’ll be able to use these same metrics in any other reports you create, and remove them from Reports without losing them. 

Add Metrics to your Report

When you first use One Metric, it’ll look something like this: 

You can add your metrics to this report with the “Add Metrics” button. You can specify the name, type and format for each metric. Once you’ve done that you can then enter values for each directly to the report.

If you’re already tracking metrics in a spreadsheet or on a whiteboard, you can use these to create your first report.

Start with a set of recommended metrics 

If you’re not sure what metrics to start with, you can choose a template from our suite of standard metrics as a starting point. This will add metrics that best match your type of business. You can tweak these as required. 

💡 If you don't know which template to choose start with our "Cash & Customers" template, which is a simple starting point.

Share your Report

One Metric allows you to quickly share any of your reports with your team, investors, advisors, or anyone else. 

  1. On the report you want to share, click the green “Share” button in the top right 

  2. "Create link" will generate a unique link which you can then send with others by email, message, Slack, etc.

This will give those who have the URL view-only access to the report. 

They will see the metrics and values you've included in that Report, but not any other metrics associated with your Organisation.

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Next steps

We'd love your feedback!

This is a brand new tool, and there are very likely still a few quirks for us to work out. And we know there is still a lot for us to add.

But we’re excited that you’re willing to give this a try and will be happy to help you get setup and running.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch at if there is anything that doesn’t look right or if you need any further assistance.

We look forward to hearing what you think. 😀

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