Show a delta for a metric

To display a delta showing how a metric has increased or decreased since a previous period:

  1. Find the required metric and select the "Edit Metric" option

  2. Choose the type of delta you want - either "Value" or "Percentage" - this will determine the format of the delta value

  3. Choose the required comparison - either "Last Month", "Last Quarter" (3 months ago) or "Last Year" (12 months ago)

  4. Choose the goal - either "Increase" or "Decrease" - this will determine the colour highlighting of the delta value

  5. Confirm that the delta to be displayed is as required using the preview displayed below the settings

  6. Click the "Update Metric" button

  7. Done!

Once setup, whenever the metric is displayed in a report it will also show the delta below the value:

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