Layout a report

Metrics are displayed in the order that they are added to your report. You can move them as required. You can also add sections to group them together. 

Arrange metrics and sections

You can also change the order of the metrics and sections in your reports.

To re-order metrics and sections:

  1. Select 'Layout Report' from the report menu (to the left of the green 'Share' button in the top-right corner), or click the sort icon to the right of the section name.

  2. Select the metric or section you wish to move by placing the mouse over the name in the list. The mouse pointer should change to a hand to indicate the item is able to be moved.

  3. Click and drag and drop the metric or section in the required new location. As you drag the section other metrics and sections will reposition to create space. 

  4. When the report has the required layout click the 'Done' button.

  5. Done!

💡 If you wish to move metrics into a new section, first add a new section to your report then follow the instructions above to move metrics into that new section.

💡 Unfortunately it is not currently possible to layout reports when using a mobile phone or tablet 

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