Invite a new team member

You can invite as many people as you need to access your metrics.

To invite a new team member:

  1. Select the "Team" option from the main menu

  2. Click the "Invite Team Member" button

  3. Enter your colleague's name and email address

  4. Select the appropriate role - choose "Editor" if you want them to be able to edit reports and enter values; or choose "View Only" if you want them to view but not edit reports and values

  5. Click the "Send Invite" button

  6. Done!

The person you have invited will receive an email with all of the instructions they need to login and access your organisation.

You can see the list of people who have access by selecting the "Team" option from the main menu. Any people who have been invited but who have not yet created their account will be listed as "Pending".

Remove a team member

To revoke access for somebody who has been previously invited:

  1. Select the "Team" option from the main menu

  2. Find the person in the list and click the delete icon (the trash can)

  3. Done!

Once they are deleted they will no longer be able to access your organisation, view reports or update metrics. However, if you have generated unique URLs in order to share your reports they will still be able to access those, so you may wish to disable sharing and re-generate new URLs if required.

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