Start with a standard template

To help you get started quickly, we provide a set of standard templates. You can select the template that is best suited to your business model.

The templates currently available are:

  • SaaS - For businesses that sell subscriptions or licenses

  • Marketplace - For businesses that provide a platform to connect buyers and sellers

  • E-Commerce - For businesses that transact products or services directly to customers

There is also a basic "Cash & Customers" template for those who are just getting started, or anybody who doesn't know what to measure. As the name implies, this allows you to track how much cash you have on hand and the number of customers you have. You can add to this as required.

To choose a template:

  1. Select the template that is best suited to your business model

  2. Click the "Add Metrics" button

  3. Confirm the details of the selected template

💡You can only select a template if your Metrics Library is empty. 

Once you have added metrics to your organisation these options will no longer be displayed. You can either delete any metrics you have added to start again with a template. Or, if you would like help resetting your organisation please contact us and we can help with this.

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