Sync with Xero

One Metric automatically imports up-to-date values for you every 24 hours.

You can see how recently new values were imported on both the "Metrics Library" page and the "Data Sources" page, or for a specific metric by selecting the menu on the metric card in a report.

To manually import new values from Xero:

  1. Select the "Data Sources" option from the main menu

  2. Click the sync button (the two counter-clockwise arrows) for the organisation you wish to sync.

  3. Done!

One Metric will immediately import new values from Xero. The status details will be updated once the sync is completed.

What does One Metric import from Xero?

One Metric imports your trial balance from Xero and uses this information to update metric values.

This means you can connect metrics in One Metric to any account - both Profit & Loss accounts and Balance Sheet accounts.

One Metric does not send any information to Xero.

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